Your Ultimate Guide For Buying Best 4X6 Speakers

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Your prized possession, your car, deserves a quality set of speakers. It is not mandatory that you will be satisfied with the quality of your pre-fit set in the car. The best way is to replace them with a quality 4X6 sets that enhance the sound and music experience in your car. And yes, they are cheap, not very expensive if we put it boldly.

Things to consider when buying the best 4X6 sets for your car

With so many options available in the market today, buying one set might get you puzzled up. Just compare these things when you buy a set.

• Size of the set: Size of most 4X6 speaker sets is the same. They might differ in their mounting pattern or the shape, but size remains the same. When buying online, you should first enter your car details to get results of sets that can be fitted in your car. Make sure that they are a complete fit.

• Power rating of the set: The wattage of a speaker is directly proportional to its audio output. More the wattage, a better sound quality and loud sound without distortions. If you want to go for higher wattage sets for your car, make sure you have enough battery to support it. A higher wattage set will tend to drain the battery faster.

• Bass Output of the sets: Another important thing, this might be missing in the pre-fit speakers of your car. Bass output is very necessary to have a captivating music experience. Test the set before you buy them. If you are buying them online, make sure that you read all the relevant reviews about it. You can also opt for purchasing independent bass system for your pre-fit souns system.

• Build Quality: You do not want the cover of the set to come out within few months. The build quality of speakers should be excellent and make no compromise on it. They are built to last for long duration.

Best three speaker reviews:

• Alpine SPS 406: With a 280 Watt power output, this affordable set is a music beast. Having two set of 140 watts each, it can be easily installed in your car. To prevent distortions, it also has a rubber surround protection. These are the best value for money car sound systems out there.

• Infinity Reference 6432cf: With an added surface cone, the increased surface area enhances the bass and audio output of these sets. They are an amazing option to consider when buying a 4X6 set. With 120 watt output, they are also equipped with a rubber surround to prevent any distortion. The two-way loudspeaker has one of the best bass in the affordable category.

• Polk Audio DB461P: This co-axial set is another great option to choose. The 150 watts are sufficient for a decent set at this price tag. Being marine certified, they are capable to be used in boats and provide water resistance too. It is enclosed with 0.75 inch liquid cooled silk polymer to give you that extra sound quality.

Speakers can be very expensive too. Based on your budget you should be able to strike a perfect blend of cost and quality when you buy a set for yourself.

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Five Best Bluetooth Speakers under $200 in 2016

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One of the most convenient technologies ever invented is the Bluetooth technology, which is widely used to transfer small files between devices. But when makers of sound speakers delved into the Bluetooth technology, they transformed the way music is enjoyed outdoors all around the world. Generally a good Bluetooth speaker should have commendable features such as long battery life, easy calibration settings, easy to operate buttons and most importantly quality output sound including non-distorted low frequencies. This article reviews the five best Bluetooth speakers retailing at below $200 in 2016.

1.Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker

The Bose SoundLink Mini is a 700g portable speaker designed to give a crisp clear sound with a heavy bass irrespective of its small size. The SoundLink also comes with a speakerphone allowing you to take calls out loud. This speaker retailing at $179 is also fitted with a voice help to guide you through the process of pairing your Bluetooth devices. It has a battery life of up to 10 hours on uninterrupted playtime.

2.Jawbone BIG Jambox Bluetooth Speaker

With an impressive 15 hour battery life on continuous play, the Jawbone BIG Jambox is another Bluetooth speaker retailing between $179 and $200 depending on the color you choose. This speaker can also connect via 3.5mm stereo cable in the event that you want to keep it near the device carrying the music. The Jawbone produces a Hi-Fi sound that projects in big halls or outdoors with much clarity and quality sound output. This speaker is available in 7 different colours, with six of them retailing at under $200.

3.Fugoo Sport Portable Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

Just as its name suggests, the Fugoo Sport Portable Bluetooth speaker is designed for outdoor sport activities. That’s why it’s designed to be sand proof, splash proof and snow proof capable of withstanding water for 30 minutes even when it drops 3 feet deep. Retailing at $170, the Fugoo is known to have the best battery life in the world; clocking a whopping 40 hours of continuous play at 50% volume. This speaker also comes with a built-in microphone and is now compatible with Siri and Google.

4.Kinivo M2 Bluetooth Speaker

Commonly known as the Big Bass due to its 2.1 sound system design, the Kinivo M2 is a powerful 56W speaker that features a beautifully designed wooden subwoofer and also retails at less than $200. You can use it at you r workstation and connect it to your computer via the 3.2mm audio port or simply connect wirelessly to your mobile devices and computers using Bluetooth technology.

5.Ultimate Ears (UE) Boom 2 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The UE Boom 2 wireless Bluetooth speaker gives a deep bass and crisp clear 360 degree sound due to the manner in which it is designed. Being shockproof and waterproof, the UE Boom 2 is certainly designed for outdoor adventures. The battery life of the UE does not disappoint at all because it will give you nonstop playtime for 15 hours while transmitting sound at an impressive distance of up to 100ft. To make the UE even more impressive, you only need to tap it once to play, pause or skip songs.

There are many more models of Bluetooth speakers under $200 but these five are truly the best out of all the wireless speakers developed in 2016.

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